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Too many active individuals are frustrated because of injuries or pain that hold them back while exercising or participating in their sport.

We help you achieve your goals and get you back to doing what you love by providing you with clear explanations of your problem and an individualized chiropractic care plan.

You Deserve To Feel Better So That You Can Live A Healthier Life

How Chiropractic Care Helps You Achieve Your Goals
Pain Reduction
Through chiropractic care and specific rehab programs you can move better, feel stronger, and improve recovery.
Improve Sports Performance
We keep you feeling good after your workouts, sports, or extracurricular activities so that you can play at your best.
Injury Prevention
You are given the tools to understand how to prevent injuries for your sport or activity so that you can continue to enjoy your life.
Get Wiser. Get Stronger. Get Better.

Get Wiser: We provide you with clear explanations and management strategies of your diagnosis so that you understand what is going on and how you can implement the management strategies immediately.

Get Stronger: We believe in the idea of building resiliency, or the ability to cope with or manage something, in spite of set backs or barriers. One of the best ways to do this is through exercise and strength training.

Get Better: We help you get out of pain and return to your daily activities, sports, and exercise. Our manual techniques combined with exercise will help you get out of pain, move better, and continue to feel better. 

Our Goal Is To Guide You Through Your Injury

At Strength & Spine, we understand how frustrating it is to deal with the set-backs of pain and injuries while working out and trying to enjoy our active lifestyles. Through our strength and conditioning and sports chiropractic experience, we are able to evaluate your lifting and sports technique and modify appropriately if needed. 

We aim to facilitate healing, restore movement, and get you pain-free as quickly as possible. Our ability to provide solid patient education, help you see how strong you are, and encourage movement through exercise and rehab provides an optimal environment for healing. We achieve this through evidenced-based hands-on techniques, one-on-one therapy, individualized rehabilitation programs, and long-term strength training plans to decrease incidence of re-injury.

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"I’ve seen many chiropractors in the past and nothing compares to the care, knowledge, and expertise of Cameron and Sarah.

They are fully committed to your success and wellbeing and it definitely shows! Whether you’re an athlete or weekend warrior I highly recommend strength and spine chiropractic to get you moving and feeling better."

- Gustavo Ramos 

"Had an awesome time at Strength and Spine! First, Dr. Cam adjusted me, then he addressed some of my previous injuries. He did soft tissue work on my ankle, wrist, and shoulder. It all felt so great.

Lastly, he showed me a handful of exercises I can do to strengthen those areas and increase my stability.

 I love Dr. Cam and Dr. Sarah’s approach to chiro.

They want you to strengthen yourself so that eventually you don’t need their help! I feel good knowing I have them when I need them, but look forward to strengthening myself with the exercises they gave me!"

- Ryan Roth

"I went in experiencing low back pain. One visit later and I already feel 100x better.

At Strength & Spine they don’t just work on you and then send you on your way, they inform you and teach you along the way so that you can help yourself at home too. Dr. Sarah explained why she was doing the things she was and gave me exercises to do on my own to help expedite the healing process!
5 stars! 10/10!"

- CJ Hamill

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Achieve Your Health & Fitness Goals

This Is Our Simple Process
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Together, We Create A Plan
We create a customized treatment plan together based on your specific goals.
Return To Doing What You Love
You are no longer limited by your injury/pain and able to perform at your best.

Stop Letting Pain Control Your Life And Start Feeling Better.

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